Monday, 5 September 2011

Fellobrabers Riffs - The Story of Menstruation

When I first saw the PSA short with my Lovely Artistic Assistant (who does my title cards for most of my shows) we both knew we had to make a Riff on this, so I dragged in my friend Frobman into it and we created this small Riff together, it may not be as great as say MST3K or That Guy Riffs from but we still hope you enjoy this first time Riff by us =)

Fellobrabers Riffs - The Story of Menstruation

Devar and Frobman get together to watch and make fun of the 1940 PSA short by Walt Disney Productions, watch how they make it so magical and whimsical and even be shocked to what you never expect from everyone's favorite childhood animation company. I bet none of you expected this eh?

Created by Fellobrabers Productions for, click on the link below and check it out! =D

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