Saturday, 16 February 2013

Fanservice Fiesta - Maburaho

Devar from joins us for what may be the least memorable show I've ever seen... but at least it has a boob ghost!

Once again I join up with Faries for his "Harry Potter Exploitation Month" to review the forgettable anime, Maburaho. To finally be able to speak my mind about one anime that I already knew of was a lot of fun. Big thanks to Faries for giving me the chance to work with him again but also for the fun of working on this review with him.

Paradise & Faries has some amusing reviews and even knows a few obscure video games, animes, video game consoles, card games and more recently video game controllers, I highly recommend checking out his videos as they are amusing, funny and are interesting. A small portion of his work can be found at

Created by Paradise & Faries in collaboration with Fellobrabers Productions click on the link below and be sure to check out their video reviews! n_n

Hope you all enjoy our second crossover together but also the rest of his great work. Thanks once again Faries! Your a great and fun guy to talk to and work with.