Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Puzzler - The Cave

For the first time The Puzzler covers a more modern adventure puzzle game, does this game deserve its shining light on this puzzling experience or should it be left in the dark?

Created by Fellobrabers Productions.

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Team Yume - Summer of Anime - Sekirei: Pure Engagement Trailer

This is a short preview trailer for the first Team Yume - Summer of Anime being spearheaded by Faries from Paradise & Faries. Check out his review of Sekirei: Pure Engagement at enjoy.

Paradise & Faries has some amusing reviews and even knows a few obscure video games, animes, video game consoles, card games and more recently video game controllers, I highly recommend checking out his videos as they are amusing, funny and interesting.

Created by Paradise & Faries click on the link below and be sure to check out their videos! n_n

Cartoon Commentary - Oswald The Lucky Rabbit in Confidence

Mickey Mouse's loser brother fights off the literal ghost of Depression with mind-controlling drugs. Also, he travels through time, apparently.

For awhile now me and a new friend of mine, Madhog from the Team Yume group who I have joined and allied up with, worked on a Fellobrabers Games Showcase of Maniac Mansion together on Youtube and now on this Cartoon Commentary (in other words Riffing) on a very old cartoon from the 1930s created by the creator of Woody Woodpecker, Walter Lantz, who had the rights from Walt Disney at the time. This cartoon was a very weird one but then again 1930s cartoons and PSAs about things like depression go hand in hand back in those days.

This riff was mainly created by Madhog but co-written by me was enjoyable, I always take pride in working with others and brainstorming and this was no exception. It was fun working with you Madhog and I thank you for letting me be a part of this short and small video.

Madhog has some potential in humour but greatly shines in how he professionally he critiques any form of media from video games to anime, fanfiction, movies and much more both popular and obscure, I highly recommend checking out his videos as they are enlightening and interesting.

Created by Madhog of Team Yume in collaboration with Fellobrabers Productions click on the link below and be sure to check out his videos! n_n

Hope you all enjoy our collaborative riff on this old cartoon! Also once again thank you so much Madhog for giving me the chance to work together with you on this.