Monday, 5 September 2011

Technical Nit Picks - Final Fantasy VII

I'm a big fan of TV Shows and Movie mistakes where a host points out all the flaws in an episode like say a boom mic is in shot, camera man's shadow, continuity errors (for example a package is open one moment but is wrapped the next shot and then its back open in another shot), etc. It's to that end I decided to make this but on computer games but as its a one shot I only did it for one scene from Final Fantasy VII, if I ever do another episode I think I would want to try and do a variety of games in one episode rather then just one scene like they do on TV for movies and TV Shows versions of it, but for now why not check this out and see what you think =)

Technical Nit Picks - Final Fantasy VII

In this one shot episode of Technical Nit Picks, Devar shows us that even the most well made scenes even has its flaws.

Created by Fellobrabers Productions for, click on the link below and check it out! =D

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  1. How is the issue of porting in any way debatable? It's an issue of the port and the port only. ;)