Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Antagonist Archives Episode 5 - Wesker

The Resident Evil Villain has now been reviewed in this fifth episode, he was highly requested by certain people and by some of my friends who wanted to know my thoughts on him since we all owned Marvel VS Capcom 3 (Wesker plays well in that game but requires lots of skill and know how to use him). This episode though suffered a lot of delays due to personal family matters and other things going on in my life, but it was also late in posting as the video suffered a lot of desync which in the end I fixed but I am unsure how that happened =/ enough of that here is Wesker's review and I hope you all enjoy it especially since I thought I try a few new techniques ^_^.

The Antagonist Archives - Wesker

In this episode we (under our own will) review an infamous and highly requested villain from Capcom. Does this villain give birth to a new virus or is it a weak strain?

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Forgot to say in the credits but the voice of Nemesis was done by a good friend of mine, Deamonox, so sorry about that man I will next time be more careful about that in my future episode updates


  1. Man, I have no idea how you did it, but somehow you damn near perfectly channeled Wesker's voice. Not just his accent, but his bizarre timing between words. As far as the video goes, I really enjoyed your assessment of Wesker, and your recap of this B-movie villain throughout the Resident Evil series.

    If I could make one suggestion, it would be to perhaps add background music to your explanations, just to add a bit of ambiance to your vids. But, that aside, I really liked this video and hope to see more from you in the future. :3

  2. @E-Dog Thanks man, really appreciate it a lot especially since this episode really took me an age to do with all the things going on and the problems I had >_<.

    Though I really did enjoy working on this episode too especially Wesker's parts, I was really proud of how Wesker's voice came out since I wanted that to be "perfect" in the hammy way since my friends said to me that I do a perfect impression of him so I really wanted to get that perfect.

    As for music granted I did leave the Wesker intro and outro bit silent and I thought I did put background music in while I was talking during the Story, Abilities, etc part of the review, unless you mean another part.

    Regardless of that I may have rushed that aspect as I was literally late by a day and didn't have time to be picky so I just went with what I thought was best at the time and got it out.

    Sorry about the long explanation I just enjoy chatting to those who comment a bit much about these things ^^; anyway thanks again for the comment and I will try to keep it in mind as I work on the next episode so till next time E-Dog ^_^.

  3. ..and it was fun working with ya :P
    The pictures were nicely integrated for sure^^ (music 'n' sound and all~)