Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The CoolApe Dream Is Over

As soon as I return after a month of being away from the computer and 2 weeks of that month without Internet, I return to the sad news that CoolApe has now been shut down. Sad as this news is and believe me I was sad to see it go, but with it new things tend to come around, new memories to create and have with so many great people both old and new so I will always be glad for the time I have spent as not only as a co-owner of a wonderful team of close knit friends and way more talented people than me but also find and meet so many great and good people. So what does that mean for yours truly?

Well just in case your wondering, I will still continue solo on our Fellobrabers Productions blogspot site with my videos when I can, but I have lately taken a Blizzard Entertainment's approach to my videos where I will not post until its ready and perfect, so while I am a rare poster I will not give up working as a reviewer. Also currently I have a couple of future plans but what they may be, only time will tell, just know that I have some big plans for myself to hopefully make a difference in the Internet for hopefully the community. So this is Devar of Fellobrabers saying great memories may begin and end, but its what you do during those times that makes them special. Farewell CoolApe and good luck ZoDy in whatever your future projects may be and I will always be your boxing manager whenever you need it!

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  1. Yeah, I never got around to leave you a comment on this post...but here goes:
    Yeah, such a sad turn of event... I'd say we might not have advertised ourselves that well ourselves - which maybe proved to be our downfall - but for what little splash we made in the big world wide web we did get our share of fans and pageviews.

    Sadly, as a business..that wasn't enough.

    But it was a fun ride as long as it lasted ;)

    Don't hesitate email me anytime. I'll be glad to answer you back, help you out on whatever project you might want to do or anything really.