Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Fanservice Fiesta - Devil Hunter Yohko

In the "50th" episode of Fanservice Fiesta, Faries looks at one of the oldest ecchi shows to make it to the west.

In this episode I make a small cameo appearance for this special 50th episode landmark! To be a part of a celebration like this was quite fun and an honour to be a part of! Check out this special episode where you may be surprised who else appears in this episode.

Paradise & Faries has some amusing reviews and even knows a few obscure video games, animes, video game consoles, card games and more recently video game controllers, I highly recommend checking out his videos as they are amusing, funny and interesting.

Created by Paradise & Faries click on the link below and be sure to check out their videos! n_n


Hope you all enjoy this episode that I play a small part in! Also once again thank you so much Faries for letting me be a part of this episode.

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