Monday, 2 January 2012

On Hiatus

Hey guys Happy New Year! =D Hope you all had a great start to the New Year and had fun, sadly I come with slightly bad news for the start of the new year as Fellobrabers Productions is going to be on hiatus for awhile, I'll be back but just not sure when that will be whether its near the end of the month or whether its going to be next month.

The problem is that I am right now away from my computer, I have Internet access but no way to work on any videos (unless I want to start my career as a butcher in Windows Video Maker XD), but do not worry I will be back and hopefully return to work with some scripts written up, which is currently going really slowly. So for awhile there will be no updates on this blogspot nor on from me, but while your waiting be sure to check out for my partner's in crimes web comics and videos they create and enjoy, cya soon folks! =D

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