Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Puzzler - The Neverhood

Greetings one and all and Merry Christmas! Sorry about the lack of a more festive video review but due to both time and poor planning on my part this was the only thing I could come out with, but heck there is always next year. This came about when me and my pal Frobman were talking about puzzle games and I was planning on reviewing it and since he knew the game really well I had him join in on the fun too, so here we are may you all enjoy and have a Merry Christmas! =D

The Puzzler - The Neverhood

The Puzzler and an uninvited visitor join together to review a forgotten cult classic made out of claymation. Is this game molded for success or does it fall apart?

Created by Fellobrabers Productions for, click on the link below and check it out! =D

And check out Frobman's for his great comics and other things posts.

Also check out the Fellobrabers Youtube page and subscribe for any exclusive updates that may come there.

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