Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Perfect GAME Competition

As an aspiring video game designer and being more of a creator of ideas, I would be very lucky if I could be a part of a team who would create a fighting game that could revolutionise the genre. Taking place within a fantasy world full of interesting characters ranging from Humans, Elves, Demons, Deities and many more with a Story Mode for each character to play through and in depth but easy to play fighting system.

I am not only heavily inspired by fighting games like Blazblue and Soul Calibur but also take inspiration from popular fantasy RPGs like the Final Fantasy series and the underrated Tales of series to name a couple and take certain aspects that made them interesting and great to make the player feel immersed not only in the world but also into the stories of its vast cast of characters who inhabit the world.

Concerning art direction, I would like to think I would try and be original with the art style, I have always enjoyed the art style of such games like the old Final Fantasy games, Soul Calibur and Assassin’s Creed and try to come up with original designs while being inspired by those particular styles.

If there is anything I think more games should do and that is to personalise characters to their own liking, and I like to believe I handle it differently by introducing a system called “The Specialty System” where you have character’s being able to pull off Level 1, 2 and 3 Specials which are default presets, but over time as you play as each character you would be able to unlock and equip new Specials that can replace Level 1s and 2s. What I hope to achieve with this system is to give the player the option to personalise their favourite character(s) to suit their own play style and give them plenty of options to play with.

Also I would love to create within it to go along with the usual standard Arcade and Versus Modes, a Story Mode similar to that of Soul Blade but with a twist where in each character’s story you can make choices and those choices would affect who you meet and how the tale would progress so virtually everyone’s experience would be different. Also I would include within Story Mode, secret stages and characters to unlock via a set of requirements not in the results of the fights but what you do in them.

Speaking of that, every stage would have its own style and even offer plenty of ways to beat an opponent on a 2D plane like Street Fighter with Graphics similar to that of Soul Calibur, but would incorporate not only stage transitions to different places within that stage but also interactive environments similar to what could be found in Uncharted 3. Also in certain stages the environment could change around you or the fighters could get hit by the environment whether it’s by situations in the background or by background characters.

It would be a dream come true if I could have many operatic pieces during fights and even atmospherics and pieces of music to set the mood within the story to immerse the player into the story’s calming and tense moments, similar to such musicians like Nobuo Uematsu and Motoi Sakuraba.

In full my perfect game would be an experience, that is fun and vastly improves on what we have already seen, giving the player choice and creating an unforgettable tale that is equal to any RPG within an original fantasy world with original character’s and even make it open to customisation to ones play style with a deep but still easy to learn fighting system with many secrets to find and unlock.

This is an entry to the Perfect GAME competition for the chance to win a Wii U from GAME

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